Hi! ...and thanks so much for stopping by! 

I am SEW excited about my new sewing business! 
My mom helped me figure a business that we really believe in and LOVE that also provides a place where my friends can work too! And, well. Just thought i would mention. i do have down syndrome. i really don't like having it...but my mom always tells me that it looks really good on me. 
I am 20 years old now & i am hoping that with the support from our community...our bunting company will grow and give people and families, wonderful, handmade keepsakes that will really enjoy and make possible, steady jobs for me and my friends.   ~Jasmine

This business was solely designed to create a social workplace for special needs young adults. 
Our goal is to create steady jobs, provide them with the opportunity to work with their peers 
and let them enjoy the dignity that goes along with hard work & making money! 
Cotton Shopping Bags